What We Do?

Concord Consulting Group is a Cairo-based multidisciplinary firm offering, Master planning, Architectural, Interior design services, Structural and Electromechanical design services and project management services.

Project Management

To achieve goals and meet success criteria at a specified time.

Quality Management System

To bound by a dedication to quality and excellence, and driven by a single-minded commitment to Client satisfaction.


We Inspire and Help Our Customers

One of the fastest growing design firms in the country, Concord Consulting Group is recognized for the diversity of its designs, from corporate headquarters to athletic facilities. The company’s 60+ person design staff includes architects, facility planners, graphic designers, landscape architects, electromechanical and civil engineers. We have left our mark with signature designs in both, new construction and renovation of existing buildings, for the public and private sectors.

Over two decades of practice, our work has been characterized by an unwavering dedication to design excellence. Combining purpose with visual distinction.



Year of Experience


Our architecture strives for a sense of beauty, proportion and specificity of place while maintaining functionality and durability over time

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Concord believes in “community-led” designs that ensure the sufficiency of the local

Concord landscape designs are based on mixing nature and engineering in a balanced

Concord has been a leading example in providing construction management

Energy use and conservation have been of optimal importance I the making of Concord designs.


Concord's designs grow from a comprehensive understanding of the local cultural and environmental context.

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