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Founded in 1988 by, Dr. Tamer Fouad, Owner and Executive Director, Concord Consulting Group is a Cairo-based multidisciplinary firm offering, Master planning, Architectural, Interior design services, Structural and Electromechanical design services and project management services.
One of the fastest growing design firms in the country, Concord Consulting Group is recognized for the diversity of its designs, from corporate headquarters to athletic facilities. The company’s 60+ person design staff includes architects, facility planners, graphic designers, landscape architects, electromechanical and civil engineers. We have left our mark with signature designs in both, new construction and renovation of existing buildings, for the public and private sectors.
Over two decades of practice, our work has been characterized by an unwavering dedication to design excellence. Combining purpose with visual distinction.
We have succeeded to make a significant and lasting contribution with our wide base distinguished clients, whether individual or corporate.
Our Firm’s main focus is to build business relations with our clients towards continued progress through our well-trained and experienced professionals, which make us secure strong and long-term relationships with each and every one of them.
At Concord, we have made it our mission to specializes in progressive and innovative design that exceeds client goals and enhances the human experience.
We bring an extraordinary depth of talent, creativity and technical skills to our projects, expanding our design language to embrace the discipline of market needs.

Dr. Tamer Fouad

Bachelor of Architecture in 1988, Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering, Architectural Department.
Masters of Architecture in, Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering, Architectural Department.
Doctor of Architecture in 1996, Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering, Architectural Department.
Now an assistant professor, Dr. Fouad was a member of Cairo University teaching staff since 1988, with many papers published on architecture and building technology innovation.
Dr. Fouad, started his private practice, in 1988, and worked on expanding and developing his practice till Concord Consulting Group, has reached its present time status of a multidisciplinary firm.
With over two decades of professional experience, he managed with his business oriented approach to specialize in the field of project evaluation, property development and the economic, market and feasibility studies for the various types of projects.


Dr. Tamer Fouad
Founder and owner,
Concord Consulting Group

Concord International

Concord Consulting Group has been known to have a history of stable leadership and financial strength which in turn enabled the firm to expand in new and dramatic ways over the past several years through new acquisitions, new services, new markets and new offices, redefining what it means to be responsive, resourceful and diverse.
Concord Consulting Group has offices overseas in Saudi Arabia and The Emirates, in addition to having worked in joint ventures with infamous international design firms, in Egypt and abroad.
The firm is also strengthened by several affiliate international design companies and strategic alliances offering unique and distinguished design services to our valuable clients.